Cattle Feed

The cattle feed which is produced by IFFCO Kisan contains required protein, minerals, and vitamins for the growth of cattle, maintenance and milk production. It also increases the density and quality of milk, which further produces more butter and fat content in the milk. It also helps in the growth of the calves as it is a balanced source of essential nutrients. It is manufactured using good quality grains, brans, molasses, minerals, and vitamins, which is highly palatable to the animals and helps in maintaining their overall health.

These cattle feeds are produced explicitly by keeping the BIS (Bureau of Indian standard) indicators in mind. The nutrients which are used in cattle feed as raw material are first tested in the labs, which are equipped with the latest technology. Also, if it is found on par the given BIS indicators, then only the cattle feed is produced finally from that raw material. It is also tested batch - wise before sending it to the markets so that farmers (you) will get the good quality cattle feed and can generate more income.